Introducing Othership: Breathing App

December 13, 2021
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Transformation in Your Hands

Othership URL is a digital space for you to learn and practice to shift your emotional state through the best breathwork content in the world.  

At Othership, we believe peak experiences like breathwork, saunas and ice baths interrupt our thoughts, creating a pause between life’s unending stimulus and our response.

Space from stimulus allows you to regulate your nervous system, process emotion and increase connection to yourself and others. Deepening connection builds a sense of meaning and lasting behavioural change—Transformation.

We’re elated to share Othership, our mobile app, with the world.  Thank you to: our team (two years of hard work!), our 70+ angel investors, the people that took time to give advice on how to build an app and a consumer business. Thank you Vine Ventures and Ryan Zurrer (our first investor) and the OnDeck community who helped us go from recorded zoom classes to a mobile app.

The development of our app, came during our pivot during the forced pandemic shut down. We hosted free guided breathwork classes via Zoom, met in the ethers for daily curated breathing experiences, and organically built out a robust library of high production value classes. Witnessing breakdowns and breakthroughs and through  community sharing and feedback, it became evident that transformation was unfolding.

Transformation may be hard work, but it doesn’t need to be done alone. “Awe inspiring experiences” with a shared community of practice amplifies the power of transformative change and growth. We are honored to give back and thrilled to create something new to catalyze that.

We now invite you to take your next journey; with yourself, with others in your community, and with those already on board.

Download our app and experience transformation in your hands.

Here on the App Store and Here on Google Play