Co-Pilot Stories: A conversation on Wellness, Health + Balance.

September 9, 2022
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We sat down with one of our Co-Pilots Sarah to learn more about her wellness practice, routine and how she creates balance.

What motivates you to help others?

I just really want people to be happier, healthier people because then the world's going to be a much healthier and happier place. The motivation to help others comes from believing that a better world is possible and that if I can contribute to that in some small way, through reconnecting people to their natural environment or themselves, their bodies, or how all of these things are interrelated, then that is what helps me sleep at night. Just knowing that I've had some small impact on people's lives in a positive way.

I love people a lot. I just want everyone to be healthier and better.

What do you want others to feel when they come to your social page?

I would love people to feel inspired, excited and motivated. I really believe that wellness doesn't have to be complicated or intimidating, expensive, scary or for experts only. I hope that's reflected in my work. Food, self-connection, and self-awareness are a celebration of this life that we're gifted and all the beautiful possibilities that just come from that awareness.

What tools are in your wellness toolkit?

Breathwork is up there for sure, but I also really love cold exposure. I'm fortunate enough to live near a very cold body of water. I try to get in the water as many days of the week as I can. It has been just been the most powerful tool for trusting myself and being able to cultivate resilience and power within myself that I didn't even know I had. I feel so strong, and I really impress myself, if I can say that, I think every time I get out of the water because every time I don't want to get in the water, and then I get out and I'm just like, "Wow, I can't believe what I'm capable of."

How do you use the Othership breathwork app?  

About four or five times a week, and I use it sometimes in the morning, but often at night. The mornings are pretty busy as I’m a mom. So mornings are a lot about just getting breakfast and lunch made and getting out the door.  I often will go for a long walk when I drop my son off, then I get home, and it's sort of right into the day. So I love to wind down at the end of the day with the breathwork. I find it helps me sleep really, really well.

One of my favourite sessions on the app is Feel Fantastic Now. If I do breathwork in the morning, I love that one because it's pretty quick and I can really change my state. I love the Wim Hof one as it's so trippy. Then I also love Harry's Rollercoaster. That one's really fun, and I love doing that with other people because they're always so impressed with the results, and it's just a fun ride. It really makes sense that it's called rollercoaster. I  feel like I'm riding the breath in this very cool way.

What is one piece of advice for someone who is just beginning to get started on their journey?

A piece of advice for someone who's just beginning to get started on their journey is to start small. Set a low bar for expectations and goals, because I think as humans, we get really excited about starting something new, and I think if we rush it or if we have really high expectations of the amount that we're able to commit. For instance, if we don't make it, then we end up feeling bad about ourselves. So I always tell people, yeah, just go slowly and just pick one thing and enjoy that unfolding.

What makes you feel most relieved at the end of your workday?

I'd say reconnecting with nature gets me out of my head and back into my body, and that's when I feel the most relieved. Going out into nature, going to the garden, watering my plants, going for a swim, cooking, and being with my family. So those things bring me a lot of joy at the end of the day. And all of those things are also very much related to what I do and inform what I do and inspire what I do.

Check out one of Sarah’s favourite sessions Feel Fantastic Now.