We don't have all the answers, but we have some.

What do I need to bring?

We only ask that you bring a bathing suit and water vessel (no glass please). Onsite we provide towels (up to 2 per visit) and body wash in our shower amenities. We also have lockers available for day use.

What can I expect from an Othership experience?

Watch this video for everything you need to know prior to your first journey.

What amenities do you offer?

At Othership, we offer both hot + cold therapies in our sauna and ice baths. Enjoy Toronto's largest 50 person sauna made of Western Red Cedar, 4 ice baths, dunk showers and cozy tea room situated around a fireplace. We have non-gendered changing stalls and lockers available for day use. We also have non gendered washrooms.

How do I use the amenities?

The ideal way to utilize the healing benefits of the hot + cold modalities is to rotate between the polarities.

If you are new to Othership, try a Free Flow, and allow our facilitators to guide you through the experience from start to finish.

The Starter Circuit: sauna for 15-20 minutes, cold plunge for 1-3 minutes, then relax in our tea room for 10 minutes. Continue to toggle between hot + cold + relax for maximum results. Know that there's no right or wrong way to go about hot + cold therapy so experiment and keep it fun.

What is your sauna + ice bath etiquette?

Traditionally, saunas and bathhouses have been used for communal health and healing in a social setting.

We’re here because we feel a connection to something beyond ourselves. The word alone - broken up - is really a universal truth: all one. We encourage you to come alone or with friends as our space is motivated by the mission to create connection for a disconnected world.

You don’t need to whisper, but please be mindful of others' experiences. It’s ok to strike up conversations with like-minded journeyers, but this is a flirt-free facility. While we encourage community and interaction, this is no place to hook-up. Please also remember to leave your cell phones in the lockers.

What are the safety protocols for your pools?

At Othership, the health and safety of our journeyers is our highest priority. We incorporate a strict sanitization policy and use an extensive filtration system, and chlorination system to sanitize the pools and ensure that we adhere to Health Canada’s regulations. Our pools are cleaned and maintained on a daily basis, and our waters are regularly tested manually.

Are there any health restrictions?

We recommend that you discuss any issues with your health professional. If you are taking medication or have particular health problems such as cardiac or respiratory conditions, high or low blood pressure, always consult with your physician before participating. Othership cannot be held responsible for illness or injury due to client negligence.

What are the temperatures of your pools + sauna?

Our cold plunge pool ranges from 0°C to 4°C and our sauna temperatures can range anywhere from from 60°C to 100°C with humidity ranging from 0% to 20% but average 75°C to 85°C during our social hours.

Can I visit if I'm pregnant?

Please consult your physician as to the safety of participating in hot + cold therapies

Is there a minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement to enter Othership is 18.

Lost + found

All lost and found items are donated to a charitable foundation at the end of each calendar month.

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