Our Values

Creating space to shift states through peak experiences

Confronting yourself isn’t easy work. But it can lead to transformation. Mental, physical and spiritual obstacles abound. But we believe that learning how to regulate yourself – and your emotions – in a world that can’t be regulated can and should be a memorable voyage. Maybe even an adventure. And it’s one way you can serve the world. To discover infinite connection, we first must create a relationship with ourselves and others.

Body Positive
Alcohol Free
For everyone
Trauma Aware


Othership creates space to shift emotional, physical, and mental states through peak experiences. We see and understand possibility.

Beyond what, let us tell you why: we lead with purpose and measure our success against it. No matter who sits on our team today or tomorrow, our purpose aligns our work: to serve as a house of transformation for all.

Othership understands that transformation should and could be available to all regardless of income, race, ability, sexual orientation or gender identity. In the spirit of honouring our sameness and our uniqueness, we create spaces both IRL and URL to pay attention so we may be open to the interconnectivity that animates the human experience for a more joy-filled life and living.

To ensure our shared journey is one that is both equitable and accessible we orient all of our decisions, conversations, and actions towards the following core values:

sense of awe
We’re here because we feel a connection to something beyond ourselves.

It is an honour to share this offering with community. But make no mistake, this isn’t an awe-made-real by signature incense and ambient music. Our offerings are rooted in ancient wisdom, research and a meticulously curated experience that’s as safe as it is exhilarating.

That being said, we pay homage to the sacred and cultural practices of history and present, from sauna and sweat lodge to hammam and temazcal. We share these teachings with reverence to and for all those who have come before us and those who have yet to come.
cellular commitment
This work isn’t easy.

It requires commitment right down to the level of our cells and has the potential to be deeply rewarding.

The intensity of the ice bath.

The hammering heat of sauna.

It all requires cellular commitment. So we don’t shy away from the hard work, but we maintain a spirit of generosity, patience and support knowing everyone will move at their own pace.

With that, we invite you to commit to relinquishing all material bias, implicit or explicit, as you join us in our house of transformation. You’ll encounter all sorts of bodies, personalities, and identities; we invite you to seek to understand and commit to curiosity wherever you go, even within yourself.
building belonging
Othership welcomes all.

The origin of the word alone is all one. In a world that feels more connected than ever, it’s staggering that the epidemic of our time is loneliness. We believe one way to combat loneliness and discover infinite connection is through relationship.We know that life happens in relationship.

When we make contact with other there is potential for understanding and insight. When we allow ourselves to see and be seen, our collective field of awareness expands. In the resonance of expanded awareness we may accept that not all of us start at the same place. Some of us have faced more obstacles than others due to circumstance, identity, trauma, and systemic design. Othership commits to understanding the lived experiences and barriers to entry with a willingness to evolve - together.
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Journeyers hugging in the 45-person sauna

Community standards

The standards we hold ourselves and our community members too, in our studios and beyond.