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Love is in the Air [Literally]


From this open place, we'll use these new and perhaps unfamiliar tools to explore emotions that might otherwise be hard to access during normal pre-breathwork states. The ultimate goal is to deepen the intimate connection between partners. Sessions will start off gentle and work towards more intensive practices.

Body Positive
Alcohol Free
For everyone
Trauma Aware

Let’s put the O in Othership.

headphones on
eyes closed
Self Love Boost
Couples Energy
Loving Bond

We created this journey with renowned intimacy + relation[ship] experts to push the edges of what’s possible with our breath. Our collection is designed to playfully deepen the connection with ourselves, with a partner, and with our experience of intimacy and pleasure.

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Enhance intimacy
Explore playful exercises
Build trust + togetherness
Deepen connection

The Sessions

self love boost
Self love is one of the most powerful feelings you can have - it allows you to transform your life! Use this short but effective practice to build up your confidence and boost your self-esteem.
7 Minutes
Connecting embrace at Othership
Couples energy
Fall into alignment with your partner as Robbie guides you both through this very special Couples Energy breathwork session. Eye gazing, breath synchronizing, breath exchange, touch, gratitude practices, loving kindness - this session has it all. You will connect on a transformative level.
30 minutes
Weaving Love
This deeply intimate breathwork experience is a foundational practice from the tantric tradition + is designed to drop partners into a space of peace, connection, + shared grounded energy. For times when we feel distant from our partner due to busy life circumstances, this practice reunites us + reminds us of the deep bond + care that’s shared.
17 minutes
Breathwork for romantic partners
Nesting Love
Our relationships are the safe haven to which we can return to for the nurturance + replenishment we need to go forth into the busy world, again. This practice invites partners to connect to the soothing rhythm of shared breath, heart beats, + the warm embrace to remind them that home is here in the arms of each other.
18 Minutes
Journeyers holding hands in the sauna.
Couples Gratitude Practice
Expressing appreciation for one another helps to strengthen relationships + deepen your connection. Show your partner they are fully seen while elevating communication, expanding your intimacy, and bringing more appreciation into your relationship.
9 Minutes

Meet your guides

renowned sex + relation[ship] experts

Dr. Cat Meyer
Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex, trauma, and ketamine-assisted therapy. With a passion for evolving our relationship with sexuality and our bodies, she integrates various modalities, including neuroscience, somatic theory, and psychology, to help people create a deeply fulfilling and prosperous relational and sexual life.

Dr. Cat's transformative sessions, inspired by her own breathwork practice and background in yoga, tantra, and energetic psychology, guide individuals on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through carefully curated music and poetic words, she invites participants to dive deep within themselves, reconnect with pleasure, and embrace their own erotic power.
Steve rio + austin austin
Steve Rio and Austin Austin, co-founders of Enfold — A ministry of remembrance and love, offer safe and sacred retreat experiences that combine entheogenic medicines, breathwork, meditation, somatic modalities, and intimacy work. Their couples retreat, Undefended Love, cultivates deep connection, safety, and intimacy.

Steve is a musician, coach, and philosopher experienced in technology, mindfulness, and spiritual development. Austin, a master of transmitting loving presence, has expertise in health coaching, sex therapy, and creating connection through art and design. Guided by their lifelong devotion to consciousness and love, they help individuals remember their interconnectedness and true essence, fostering transformative practices for enriched relationships.
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Nicolle hodges
Nicolle Hodges is a journalist, author, sexual freedom philosopher, and social entrepreneur.She is the founder of Men Who Take Baths, a mental health initiative and interview series focused on the evolution of masculinity, and the Garden of Earthly Delights—a members-only community where she uses BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism) to help women overcome sexual shame and step into their unique leadership potential, all while earning badges.
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Gina Marie
Gina is a certified Sex & Relationship Coach specializing in embodied intimacy through a somatic and Tantric lens. She helps high achieving women reconnect with their sexuality and thrive in relationships. She is 3x certified in the VITA Coaching method with specialties in Female Sexuality and Conscious Dating.

Gina's Intimacy sessions were inspired directly from her 1-1 coaching work. Embodying Your Desires is a journey through your senses to make your desires come alive in your body with the magic of visualization and breath. Creating an Inner Union invites you to connect with your inner masculine and feminine to create a sacred union inside of your own heart. Her sessions will reconnect you with your innate sensuality and invite feelings of deep self-love.
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Harry and Amanda, program directors at Othership.
Amanda + harry
Amanda and Harry are co-founders of Othership, directors of programming and life partners.For them, Othership was borne out of the love they have for each other, their desire to live, work and play side by side and their collective passion for helping people realize their potential.

They believe that in order to have a strong relationship, that it starts with love, trust and openness. These 3 principles are infused within and inform every session they create.
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1000+ reviews

kind words from those onboard

I can now speak to from personal experience

The ice bath was scary however as a psychotherapist I talk to clients about the benefit of cold water on our vagus nerve so had to try it myself and it was something I can now speak to from personal experience.

Julia Glynn
I could write a book about this experience

I could write a book about this experience. The short version, for now anyway, is that I didn’t know I needed this. My first ice bath plunge pushed me well beyond what I was expecting — and it only lasted 20 seconds. Somehow, despite my brain doing its best to convince me not to, I took the plunge again (the next day) and lasted a full minute the second time! This might not seem like much — but, if you’re lucky, you’ll experience it too. Just be ready for a potentially life changing experience.

Tamara Fox
made me feel so relaxed

First of all… if you’re gonna do something like this, trying it with a group of people definitely helps gain the courage!!I have a lot of stored trauma + physical injuries that have disrupted my life tremendously for the past 2 years so I was desperate for a release…From the moment I walked into Othership, the warm humidity and aromatherapy opened up my lungs and made me feel so relaxed!There are guides on site that help you every step along the way and coach you through the breathing pattern that will help you face the icy cold waters while coaching you through the cold plunge so you are supported the entire way! After 1 min your body truly no longer feels the cold as you surrender to the healing powers of cold therapy. The guides help track your time and also offer sound therapy during the plunge to help you connect with your body and release tension, stress, trauma, inflammation from your body so you emerge feeling like a brand new person!

Geoff Girvitz
It was also a profound practice of surrender

I recently attempted to face myself in my first ever cold plunge. It was awesome! It was also a profound practice of surrender, accepting with every breath and ever second that went by in the cold, that the exact pain body in which you were fighting with in that moment, would one day no longer exist. It was the complete surrender to my own awareness of that pain and that truth, that allowed me to reach a goal I never thought I was capable of.The theme of aging well seems to be that one actively seeks to explore the darkest parts of their Mariana’s trench and slays whatever beasts may be lingering there. I had never faced this type of discomfort in my life.But a spiritually wealthy person with a healthy psyche actively seeks out the beast, the mirror. Avoiding truth only makes us sink deeper into the illusion of victimhood.It is because I have been awakened to the truth of my sovereignty, that i actively seek the light in the darkness, or in this case… the cold.Another dark corner of my jungle, conquered.Sincerely,A new ice bath groupie

Lexxi Yamanaka
Highly recommend the guided ice bath breathing sessions

By the way, been loving the Othership app for building a practice around breathwork. No affiliation and not an investor—just a tool I’ve been using and enjoying. Highly recommend the guided ice bath breathing sessions—they get me more out of these cold mornings.

Nat Kam
Really focuses you on the present moment

Been using Othership app for breathwork sessions in the cold plunge.They have guided ice bath sessions that are really good. Really focuses you on the present moment. No affiliation with the company, just enjoying it.

Gabriela Corsi-Bakker