sauna + ice bath

Othership is a vessel for transformation that invites us to collectively explore our extra-sensory faculties through the practicality and potency of the elements.

Water: ice bath to drop-in

Redefine your relationship to the cold. A practice to shift your state, enhance focus, and harness the power of the breath. Achieve a state of flow and deep connection in the depths of that which is a little uncomfortable.

Fire: sauna to sweat

Unstick emotions and untangle stress to discover deep body + brain connection. Our 50-person sauna was custom designed as a container for unique guided programming that will spark insight and keep your inner flame burning bright.

Ether: infinite play + connection

Integrate your experience with the hot + cold in relationship to other. Sip on something good to rehydrate and recalibrate. Connect around the fireplace to redefine what an evening out with friends could be like.

Evening Social


A themed gathering to connect with others.

Free Flow


A self-guided journey to intuitively explore hot + cold.



A guided journey from A to B to infinity.

Create space to shift your state

We believe that learning how to regulate yourself – and your emotions – in a world that can’t be regulated can and should be a memorable voyage.

Maybe even an adventure.

And it’s one way you can serve the world.

To discover infinite connection, we first must create a relationship with ourselves and others.

Partnership. Apprenticeship. Relationship. Leadership.

What ship are you building?

Transformation in your hands.

Climb aboard our 7 day free trial because like a visceral exhale, it won’t last forever.
Othership: Booking App


Easily buy sessions and book your next hot + cold journey at our physical locations.

Othership: Breathing App


Explore the ins + outs with guided breathwork to continue your othership journey at home.

Come for the journey.
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