An Otherwordly alternative to a night out.

October 20, 2022
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As the sober curious movement continues to allow this generation to consider new ways of living, Sober October seems like the perfect opportunity to share the story and evolution of Othership.

Read below for our CEO Robbie Bent’s story on creating Othership through his personal journey of sobriety and mission to create a shift in emotional-wellbeing for those around him.

The evolution of Othership was born largely from a personal journey of overcoming addiction and his commitment to a sober path.

Robbie's Story: 

It started with inviting people to the ice bath in my backyard, which steadily grew into a community of people seeking deeper, more meaningful connections with a focus on practicing habits that promote greater wellbeing.

As the community grew, the demand for more sessions increased — people continued to come to us to work through pandemic stress, recent break ups, losing a job, navigating grief, and so much more. It became apparent through breakdowns and breakthroughs that something magical was unfolding. During a time where many were struggling, our music-driven guided breathwork experiences offered support and space to navigate life’s demands and changes.

Our 5 Co-Founders set out to create an experience that reminded people of the power and confronting nature of the hot + cold.

Othership is a modern bathhouse concept that incorporates emotional regulation breathwork classes into the sauna + ice bath circuit. Under the guidance of expert-trained guides, our guests are encouraged to embrace the discomfort brought on by cycling between extreme heat and cold. The process can bring about profound, altered states, with the intention of improving physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

The space was created in part to fill my own need — once I quit drinking, I was looking for social alternatives that could incorporate science-backed wellness practices to help me maintain sobriety.

When you walk into the space, the energy is palpable. It’s fun, engaging, and feels like the future of social nights out that are both healthy and playful. It’s been a gift to witness it blossom into a community of people accessing new parts of themselves and tapping into deeper meaning in their lives.

I’ve personally discovered that something powerful happens when you choose to engage in something that’s uncomfortable, but offers incredible benefits. Through my personal journey with addiction, which has become 6 years of sobriety, I’ve learned that confronting yourself is the path to transformation. Which to me means lasting behavior change. And when we embark in this work in community, the impact is magnified.

These experiences invite us to journey inward, resource the breath, and build grit and staying power in the depths of that which is a little uncomfortable. We help people experience awe and child-like wonder and filter it through the body to inspire change in emotional well-being.

Even with several pivot and a global pandemic, we stuck with our mission to offer a physical experience that has had an unbounded impact on thousands of our journeyers already. I’m in awe that Othership is expanding to new spaces and new cities and send deep thanks your way for taking this trip with us.

Even for those who aren’t battling addiction, we’ve noticed that more people are moving towards sober and sober-curious lifestyles, and there weren’t many options for people to come together, socialize, and engage in health-conscious activities.

Through my own personal journey of addiction and now 5 years of sobriety, I know that “awe inspiring experiences” work.

Evening Social at Othership

Drop your guard and connect from an open and receptive place. In the spirit of redefining what a night out looks like, expect louder music, performance, a busier tea lounge, two guides available for private ice bath guidance, impromptu sauna sessions with aromatherapy, and big TGIF energy.

We now invite you to take your next journey; with yourself, with your community, and with those already on board. Together, we can support millions of people with these practices.

Explore the state-shifting benefits of hot + cold, and gift your energy to community so we can fly high together and make a few new friends along the way.

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