Community Feature: #playitcool with Lisa

February 3, 2023
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We sat down with one of our cold facilitators, Lisa Kricfalusi, to learn more about her journey into the cold + how she likes to play it cool.

Can you tell us little bit about your wellness journey?

It all started with me as a little girl, culturally growing up with an affinity for wellness, the outdoors and finding ways to stay healthy growing up in the 90's where processed food and convenience was ramped. With a natural affinity for the water, I tried out for our local synchronized swimming team and I started swimming nationally at age ten. I was fortunate enough to have incredibly family support and coaches guide my teenage years where I continued to swim and coach at a competitive level all through my high school and university years while piggy backing off of my Scandinavian upbringing of simple living and finally graduating with a Hons. Bachelors in Kinesiology in 2012 . However, in my twenties I lost my way a bit. A bad relationship, grief, injuries, debt, corporate sales pressure and multiple concussions had me in a mentally challenging place. My healthy habits were inconsistent and I found myself depressed following processing a significant loss in my life. Losing my father to lung cancer. During this time. my Finnish grandmother reminded me I was not following what I knew to add value into my life. I remember her saying "you know what to do". Walking, swimming, breathwork practices and community came to mind as I was living in isolation at the time. I found myself visiting the water at sunrise each day, practicing breathwork and going for a  swim. I asked myself... "What if I do this for 10 days in a row?". Those ten days turned into 20, turned into 50 turned into 200. I started sharing my journey in 2019 and found others in community who started joining me. 200 turned into where I am now. Healthy mentally, physically and the best version of myself as a product of making one small change with consistent behaviour with a passion and mission to share this tool of longevity and health with the world. Over 1000 days later. Unbounded is now a large community of breathers and local Canadian cold exposure enthusiasts devoted to their practice and the practice of others all finding their way using cold therapy and breath as the tool.

Tell us about your first cold exposure + breathwork experience.

I have been practicing cold therapy since I was a little girl spending my summers in Finland. My grandmother used to take us to "sauna" what was ultimately our bedtime routine as a young child with my siblings. We would either have a cold shower afterwards or jump into the lake for a cold swim.

Tell us about the content creation process with Othership app.

Harry and Amanda were incredible to work with. The preparation and commitment that goes into composition is bar none. I was very nervous to co-create and sometimes even intimidated to be on the mic if I am being honest. I typically teach live so recording was an out-of-my-comfort-zone exercise for me and Harry was incredibly gracious throughout the entire process. I am looking forward to more experiences.

What session you are most proud of on the app?

I really vibe with the approach of taking more intentional time before and after an experience to sink into the present and to reap the benefits of the cold practice experience by not rushing out of the experience. It's such a challenge to prepare and also integrate however the value gained is worth it. My favourite track is Brain Child as it tests our frontal lobe under stress. Vital for life in 2023 for making decisions when under pressure and when our body is in sympathetic.

What other tools are in your wellness tool kit?

Viewing low-horizon light in the morning is imperative for regulating my circadian rhythm, my clock genes and I find really improves quality of life. Getting my feet on the earth once per day exposing myself to  the negative ions of the earth. I typically pair this with breath and a walk. This is super easy and simple to do as well as provides health benefits at no cost. Quality sleep is also something I am really into at the moment and protecting my energy as well as moving at least once per day.

Tell us about a time you witnessed transformation with one of your clients?

It's so difficult to pick one. Moving now thousands of people through the experience of breath and cold has my heart on fire and my head convinced that this is a practice I will continue to teach for my lifetime. Watching the face change of someone who has never experienced the cold and when they finally reach that bliss point after two minutes... it's pure magic to watch and to hold. Each person I have connected with the experience of breath and cold has had a positive experience impacting their perceptions and attitudes as well as daily habits in relation to taking care of their health. The community grows each and every day with more and more impact.

What is a problem in the world that you're hoping to change?

A problem I see in today's world is disconnection with self, incoherence with mind, body, heart and lack of connection with nature. I see the impact of the community and this new rising tide of wellness shaping a better future for all. Myself, Unbounded, Othership and so many communities entering the wave are all imperative for greater collective impact. Let's build a better future. Let's all go together. Let's all walk each other home.

Check out Lisa's guided sessions in the "Play It Cool" Guided Ice Bath section on the Othership App.