Harness the power of the cold with 31 days of guided ice bath breathwork. #playitcool


"New year, new me" more like "new year, new weeeee". We’re giving away a free month of the Othership Breathwork App so you can start the year playing it cool and having fun with a new guided ice-bath session daily.

Whether you join for 1 day or 31, you can officially consider yourself a chiller.

Play it cool in the ice-bath, from your bathtub, your shower, or your favourite cold body of water.

We will cultivate self love, boost resilience, build intentions, boost your mood, enhance focus, and meet yourself at the edge of aliveness to start your year feeling fresh.

Join free for 30-days:

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Calling all cold warriors 🥶
1-month of free breathwork 💨
$10,000 in prizes 🏆
Starts Jan 1, 2024 🗓
Calling all cold warriors 🥶
1-month of free breathwork 💨
$10,000 in prizes 🏆
Starts Jan 1, 2024 🗓
Calling all cold warriors 🥶
1-month of free breathwork 💨
$10,000 in prizes 🏆
Starts Jan 1, 2024 🗓

Try one of our ice bath sessions

headphones on
eyes closed
Never Go Back
Day 30
Toning in the Tub
Day 15
Cold Fun
Day 1

Prepare to be taken on a journey up, down, and all around with world-renowned guided ice bathing. Sessions range from 2-8 minutes with beginner hand-holding and advanced ship-steering.

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Enhance mental clarity
Boost metabolism
Build confidence + resilience
Relieve anxiety
Balance the nervous system
Fast athletic recovery
Increase norepinephrine
Activate cold shock proteins
Decrease Inflammation
Improve immune function

The giveaways

Cold Plunge from the Plunge uses powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation to give you cold, clean water whenever you want it, making it far superior to an ice bath or chest freezer. The Plunge is safe for indoor or outdoor use. Fill your Plunge up with a hose, turn it on, set your temp (down to 39F) and get ready to change your life.
$7,000 value
lifetime membership
Othership is a music-driven guided breathwork app designed to help you shift your state one breath at a time. Breathe easier and cultivate that BIG LUNG ENERGY with a lifetime member[ship].
Othership forever
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class packs
Othership is an otherworldly bathhouse experience that creates a new form of wellness entertainment through sauna, ice baths, and breathwork. Join us for a free flow, guided class, or evening social.
in-person hot/cold experiences
Othership swag packages
Othership is giving away custom sauna hats, beanies, hoodies, robes, and towels to keep you looking hot and staying cooler.
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Step 1

Download the Othership Breathwork App and enter code PLAYITCOOL for 30-days free. Specifics for iOS and Android apps are above.
pick your cold

Step 2

Choose your own adventure: ice bath, bathtub, outdoor body of water or shower.
record a video or photo

Step 3

Play your daily Othership Guided Cold Session and create an otherworldly piece of content showcasing your cold routine.
post it using #playitcool

Step 4

Post it on your socials during the month of January, tagging @othership.app + #PLAYITCOOL

How to join the challenge

Meet your guides

Every mood, every intention

Harrison Taylor
Harry lets his heart guide him through life, saying “yes” as much as possible, and surrendering to the flow of the universe. He is a trained artist, musician, sound healing instructor, Aufguss Sauna and Essential Oil Master, Elemental Rhythms Breathwork Facilitator, and has lead several holistic wellness retreats in Guatemala and NYC.
Amanda Laine
Amanda has dedicated her life to helping others achieve personal growth and elevated states of wellbeing. She began her journey as a facilitator in Europe, where she trained to became a Sauna Master, Scrub Ritual Guide, and Cold Exposure Therapist. It was through these elements that she recognized the power of the breath to ground our awareness in the present moment.
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Lisa Kricfalusi
Lisa has been practicing cold exposure since she as a little girl, inspired by spending summers with her family in Finland. She has since developed a unique approach to cold exposure involving intention setting, breathwork, and a progressional practice ending on gratitude. Inspiring cold exposure communities everywhere, Lisa has made it her life’s purpose to dedicate herself to this work, making this method available and accessible, guiding over 4000+ people in this practice.
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Robbie Bent
Robbie Bent, is a co-founder and CEO at Othership, the first emotional training classes in North America using saunas and ice bath’s paired with a breathwork mobile app.  He also runs live breathwork concerts in NYC, LA, Miami and Austin. Robbie is a GP at Vine Ventures, a Psychedelic Medicine venture fund committed to giving 50% of profits to research and charitable causes.  Prior to Othership, Robbie was an early employee at the Ethereum Foundation.
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Kristin Weitzel
Kristin Weitzel, Founder of SHERPA Breath & Cold and Warrior Woman Mode, is a renowned women's health expert who has been featured on stages around the world. She is a health and high-performance maven, nutrition specialist, certified fitness trainer, master breathwork and deliberate cold exposure coach with a focus on building stronger healthier bodies for her clients.
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1000+ reviews

kind words from those onboard

I can now speak to from personal experience

The ice bath was scary however as a psychotherapist I talk to clients about the benefit of cold water on our vagus nerve so had to try it myself and it was something I can now speak to from personal experience.

Julia Glynn
I could write a book about this experience

I could write a book about this experience. The short version, for now anyway, is that I didn’t know I needed this. My first ice bath plunge pushed me well beyond what I was expecting — and it only lasted 20 seconds. Somehow, despite my brain doing its best to convince me not to, I took the plunge again (the next day) and lasted a full minute the second time! This might not seem like much — but, if you’re lucky, you’ll experience it too. Just be ready for a potentially life changing experience.

Tamara Fox
made me feel so relaxed

First of all… if you’re gonna do something like this, trying it with a group of people definitely helps gain the courage!!I have a lot of stored trauma + physical injuries that have disrupted my life tremendously for the past 2 years so I was desperate for a release…From the moment I walked into Othership, the warm humidity and aromatherapy opened up my lungs and made me feel so relaxed!There are guides on site that help you every step along the way and coach you through the breathing pattern that will help you face the icy cold waters while coaching you through the cold plunge so you are supported the entire way! After 1 min your body truly no longer feels the cold as you surrender to the healing powers of cold therapy. The guides help track your time and also offer sound therapy during the plunge to help you connect with your body and release tension, stress, trauma, inflammation from your body so you emerge feeling like a brand new person!

Geoff Girvitz
It was also a profound practice of surrender

I recently attempted to face myself in my first ever cold plunge. It was awesome! It was also a profound practice of surrender, accepting with every breath and ever second that went by in the cold, that the exact pain body in which you were fighting with in that moment, would one day no longer exist. It was the complete surrender to my own awareness of that pain and that truth, that allowed me to reach a goal I never thought I was capable of.The theme of aging well seems to be that one actively seeks to explore the darkest parts of their Mariana’s trench and slays whatever beasts may be lingering there. I had never faced this type of discomfort in my life.But a spiritually wealthy person with a healthy psyche actively seeks out the beast, the mirror. Avoiding truth only makes us sink deeper into the illusion of victimhood.It is because I have been awakened to the truth of my sovereignty, that i actively seek the light in the darkness, or in this case… the cold.Another dark corner of my jungle, conquered.Sincerely,A new ice bath groupie

Lexxi Yamanaka
Highly recommend the guided ice bath breathing sessions

By the way, been loving the Othership app for building a practice around breathwork. No affiliation and not an investor—just a tool I’ve been using and enjoying. Highly recommend the guided ice bath breathing sessions—they get me more out of these cold mornings.

Nat Kam
Really focuses you on the present moment

Been using Othership app for breathwork sessions in the cold plunge.They have guided ice bath sessions that are really good. Really focuses you on the present moment. No affiliation with the company, just enjoying it.

Gabriela Corsi-Bakker